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Sports teams can use video to help people remember and reminisce about the prior season(s), they can get people excited about the upcoming season and can promote ticket sales. Without an actionable call-to-action within the video, how much are you

You invest in a spectacular video, highlighting some of your best lighting, composition, products, and people but don't want to vandalize it with copy, lower-thirds, flashing icons or blinking calls-to-action. Now your beautiful promotional video can link directly to the

Promoting your mobile application can make or break your app revenue. With interactive video, you can make your promotional video drive downloads, views and leads within the video, precisely at the moment they become most engaged or interested in your

Smart Social Louisville provides social media training for marketing and digital media professionals. Their six-course training program covers everything you need to do to leverage and optimize your business's social media. We used an interactive video so people could decide what

Adobe Flash was the standard for online interactive experiences. It gave creators the ability to animate, mix video with calls-to-action, gamification, and directly engage viewers through fun, clickable opportunities. Viewers could choose their own adventure in a video or game,

College and professional sports have an almost unlimited amount of engaging video that is important to their fanbase. How do they convert those hungry viewers into customers or more engaged fans? An interactive video gives you the ability to add