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Reviving and reinvigorating live video

One of the struggles with publishing live video on YouTube, Vimeo or any other live video streaming platform, that also stores the video for future viewing.

RooClick give you the ability to take your old Live videos and make them interactive. Now your training video, presentation or other video can come to life again by enabling clickable actions within the video.

  • Link your lower thirds to LinkedIn profiles or more info
  • Slides can now be clickable for more information or link to updated info
  • Every web or reference in your video can be shown and linked to on-screen
  • Make your summary a clickable menu. Allow people to go directly to what they want to see.
  • Add e-commerce, social media, blog or other website links to drive viewers into leads
  • Integrate a “subscribe” option right into the video, they don’t even have to pause or stop.
  • Make everyone in your video a hyperlink that people can click on to view their LinkedIn profile or website

Take a look at some live videos we put together and imagine how you can reinvigorate your previous live videos.

1804 Broadast
Watch our friends Brit and Minda talk about 1804’s upcoming events for entrepreneurs. Who is 1804? 1804 is a bi-state entrepreneur center supporting early-stage startups throughout Louisville, Kentucky and southern Indiana. They work with founders to start, plan, and grow tech-enabled companies that thrive.

Attention Educators!
Take a tour with us around all of our great Education site features. Share your lessons with your Students using Google Classroom, embed quiz questions into your videos, let us grade your quizzes and more. All for free!

Using Hard Pause in your Video
Putting a hard pause into your video is simple, quick and effective. Watch a quick how to lesson to learn how.

Using Text in your video
Are you wanting to put a text overlay onto your video? Watch this quick video and see just how easy it really is.

Using a Time Jump
Learn how to put a Time Jump into your video. It’s easy! Watch this quick video to learn how to.

Training Document
Are you stuck and need a little bit of help? Check out this short video.

How to Upload a Video
Ready to start “Clicking up” Your very first video? We make it easy! Check out this quick video before you get started.

Why you should incorporate videos into your classroom curriculum

According to National Teaching Training Institute, it is reported that educators who use videos for educational purposes, their students retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning. With video as one component in a thoughtful lesson plan, students often make new connections between curriculum topics, and discover links between these topics and the world outside the classroom.

Video is no longer just for time fillers in the classroom. Video opens a world of exploration and learning to students. Videos allow you take students on impossible field trips; to perform science experiments that can’t be done in the classroom or lab; to demonstrate significant parts from history; and to discover complex thoughts and theories.

Video stimulates two out of five senses
Based on cognitive theory and research evidence, learning courses should include words and graphics, rather than just the words alone. Students will more likely understand the material and memorize it better when they are engaging in active learning – video does just that; it encourages your students to mentally represent the material in words (written or narrated) and pictures and make the connection between the pictorial and verbal representation. This significantly improves recall of heard and seen and also fosters creative thinking.

Video helps the student visualize a concept that is difficult to grasp otherwise
Video can blend perfectly into the classroom, so rather than engaging your students’ visual sense by decorations, use explanative videos. This means using short videos to explain or demonstrate the knowledge in a show-and-tell method that would be difficult to represent otherwise, and thus incorporating these videos into bites of information for your students. This is a proven method of fostering deeper cognitive processing in students, enabling them to truly make sense of the material.

Now RooClick will help you take those videos a step farther by immersing students into the videos and allow additional opportunities to learn without leaving the video. This helps you as an educator provide additional information inside the content of the video to strengthen key points of the topic. With RooClick, every video is an opportunity to learn and explore. RooClick will enable educators to convert inert videos into effective, measurable, and engaging lessons. RooClick will also allow you to incorporate different learning methods into a single content delivery of the lesson. Interactive video allows you to reach visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic in ways you couldn’t with traditional learning methods.

RooClick will also provide insight. You can better assess what the student is engaging with and focusing on. Add short, simple quizzes to evaluate and measure their comprehension. One video can become an entire lesson by adding the necessary additional information and then assessment.

Where RooClick is most commonly used and very effective;
Flipped Classroom

  • When you are absent
  • Snow day learning
  • Record experiments for when a student is absent
  • Language learning (provide translations in the video)
  • Formative Assessment

Banking and Insurance Industries

Would you like to drive more pre-approvals with people who just listed their home sale within a targeted area? Are you looking for ways to secure more HELOC’s in high profile neighborhoods? New checking accounts deliver personal relationships for long-term community expansion. We compliment current campaigns and deliver sophisticated video ads/campaigns to existing and potential customers. With RooClick™, you can utilize your digital content on your website to provide direct leads on individuals interested in your products and services. Take leads provided from interactions inside your videos to retarget future marketing campaigns and provide direct advertising and promotion. Interactive videos can also help you easily provide customer service support through online videos available on your site. This helps you reduce overheard and personnel costs as well as provide 24/7 customer support.

Healthcare and Professional Services
If you operate in a highly competitive industry, interactive video is a new tool to set you apart from your competition. They allow you to offer specific information to viewers to immerse your brand across the content while obtaining greater understanding of potential customers and the market. Interactive videos provide a proven 10X higher influence compared to passive videos. A study found that with interactive videos, 35% of the businesses saw a better conversion rate and 25% reported better business revenue. Use interactive video to fully demonstrate your products and services while allowing the viewer to learn more with just one click. Interactive videos can also help you effortlessly provide customer service support through online videos available on your site. This helps you reduce overheard and personnel costs as well as provide 24/7 customer support to better suit the needs of your site visitors.

According to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), as reported by eLearn Magazine, research suggests people also turn to video when they want to learn something. A global survey of video consumption found that 29 percent of respondents watched tutorials and “how to” videos alongside entertainment content. Adding interactive videos to your site is proven to increase interest. You can use those videos to offer your products directly to the viewer. This eliminates confusion and searching for those interested in purchasing or learning more.

By offering products directly through the video, you rapidly eliminate disconnect between seeing the product and finding it for sale online. Empowering people to actively participate with a video, make selections, and get involved will turn it into a more influential tool. Did you know that most videos on YouTube™ have an average view time of just a few seconds? RooClick™wants more for you and your videos than just “views”. Adding interactive content to your website helps keep viewers interested and ensures that they are continuously engaged by your online videos. That’s not good for your bottom line. What you want is the opportunity for them to respond to your brand and cultivate and support a professional consumer/brand relationship.

Recruiting and Retention
You can now utilize RooClick™ in recruiting. The use of video to more vividly communicate corporate culture, environments, and company surroundings to recruit is rapidly increasing. Now, by implementing the RooClick™ player, you can collect information to qualify and retarget potential job candidates. This compliments your social media presence, allows you to maximize your digital traffic to increase the productivity of your recruiters and hiring managers. While video is rapidly gaining traction on the Internet, it is also being utilized in workplace eLearning and training.

Here are few reasons to convert your existing training videos to interactive:
● It increases engagement thus better retention

● Enhances and encourages learning through engaging auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners

● Increases retention of the material being presented

● The activity inside the video is trackable for general completion or graded assessments.

With the RooClick™player, we tell you who is watching the video and whether they are actively or passively watching. Our extensive reporting allows you see in real-time individual engagement rates of viewers, offer quizzes and scores and discover the success of the video. Evolving the interactive experience for new regulations or corporate policies does not require expensive production activities. Your organizations, trainers and managers will thank you!

Advantages to using video in your Marketing campaigns

  • People are more inclined to watch a Rooclick interactive video than read text.
  • While using Roocklick technology you can highlight call-to-actions to your viewers.
  • Rooclick gives you more options of how you communicate information in your interactive videos. You can pause your video at a particular point, time jump, add text with color, add a survey or form and much more!
  • Increase traffic to your social media pages using brand icons in your video such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, ect.
  • As a general rule, most viewers have a low attention span. Our technology allows you to quickly engage your users and retain their attention the way you want them to with unique actions.
  • Convey information the way you want it delivered using various events or “call to actions”.
  • Videos are much more engaging than just text on a page.
  • Rooclick will help you improve your website’s conversion rate by directing your users to a particular page, site or product.

  • 7 reasons why you should use Rooclick in your advertising.

    Don’t let your competitors pass you because you failed to use interactive videos in your Marketing campaigns. Rooclick is here to give you a few reasons why.

  • Consumers are watching more video than ever. Over 1 billion hours are watched every day. That’s 8.4 minutes of video watched for every person on Earth:
    Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Shoppers are more likely to purchase a product they see in an interactive video. Remember… See it, Click it, Get it!
  • Customers who watch 2 product videos before purchasing spend 11.2% more than those that only watch one video.  Those that watch more than 4 product videos spend 61.4% more than those who watched 2, according to research by Liveclicker.
  • A study by Celtra found 47% of viewers watch a video all the way through. That means 53% of viewers drop off before they’ve heard all you have to say. Research by Visible Measures found 33% of those drop-offs happen in the first 30 seconds. Rooclicks editor allows you to engage your customers before they would normally leave.
  • Don’t forget your How-To videos, if customers can see how the product works they are much more likely to buy it.
  • Mobile users love video. Studies prove that 88% of videos 30 seconds or shorter, are watched through to the end on mobile.
  • Interactive video is more entertaining than standard videos, it offers interaction and much more information. Would you rather watch a product video and have to search for it or watch the same video, click on the product and buy it now?
  • Rooclick reporting features allows you to see how your content performs. Knowing the stats will help you plan future campaigns, which makes your content more effective at reaching your target audience.
  • For more information or to sign up for FREE, visit