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Preparing for an interactive video

Before you jump into creating, producing and coding an interactive video, take the time to plan and you will appreciate the outcome.

We will post later, a more elaborate planning strategy for longer interactive videos, storytelling or gamifying your interactive video.

      Have goals & objectives for the video, this will guide the overall vision.

        Brainstorm an idea that meets your goal & objective while engaging and interacting with viewers.

          Create the video. Great video costs money, sometimes a lot, if you can’t afford a great video, look at alternatives. We posted some ideas here: How to create…

            C.T.A. – Define your interactive elements and calls-to-action. Try to keep any screen below three options to act (one is optimal). Draw a map of every possible user experience. Make sure it meets your objectives.

              Prepare for promotion – we recommend putting amazing videos on your website, blog or within your mobile app. Keep your most valuable assets on your own properties, don’t let other sites make additional revenue off of your content. With that in mind, create teasers for social media and YouTube that drive traffic to the full video. Buy traditional or online ads to drive traffic to your website or microsite featuring the video.

                Remind people to act. Some people aren’t aware of the capabilities of interactive video, help viewers see and clearly understand that a video is clickable.

Have fun and take what you learn from your first videos to make more compelling, effective and fun videos in the future.