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Interactive Video as a Flash Replacement

Adobe Flash was the standard for online interactive experiences. It gave creators the ability to animate, mix video with calls-to-action, gamification, and directly engage viewers through fun, clickable opportunities. Viewers could choose their own adventure in a video or game, they could not only watch a video but engage with it by click on hotspots (which could be people, places, e-commerce links or scrolling through chapters of a video story).

Today you can do many of the same functions with video overlay functionality, a responsive technology that lets you place transparent icons, text or hot-spots over an animation or video.

The power of video engagement isn’t just in the ability to click to links, references, e-commerce or chapters within the video. The real power of interactive video is the analytics they can provide to publishers. Not only can you see the hot spot response rates, you can also see where else people are clicking within a video, connect it to your Google Campaign tracking and even watch a video click-map of how your overall audience engaged with your video over time, or during a massive campaign.

Consider the possibilities. Consider interactive in your video.