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How to create promotional video, without video equipment or designers

Creating a good video that conveys the right message, has your branding and will interest viewers is difficult. Hiring an agency or video firm to create such a video can be expensive and time-consuming. If you have the resources, we always recommend hiring professionals because they can often create the most accurate, beautiful and best story-telling video solution.

If you can’t afford to hire the best or don’t have time to create the greatest video, we recommend looking into these online solutions that can help you create fairly generic but effective, short-form videos. Obviously, the paid solutions give you more options, better templates and access to more audio or theme templates but you can still go a long way for free.

One of our favorites is Biteable, a low-cost video creation tool with a lot of options, strong video and audio themes and options to integrate stock video (at a price). You can find a few of the Biteable videos in our Public library. Try Biteable to practice setting up interactive videos or to publish your first business video, promoting products, services or promotions.
Sample Biteable Videos (Just add your call-to-action, company, and links at the end)

Other online video solutons: