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Custom Engagement

RooClick Editor

Editor & Beyond

Use our freemium editor for quick changes or publishing or use our enterprise editor for motion tracking and going beyond the basics.

Clickable Video

Interactive not Invasive

You can create e-commerce links, forms, survey or informational videos that are fully interactive with or without click-region frames. Interaction without altering the art.


Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics give you the ability to track views, pageviews, clicks, sources, includes a heat-map of click activity and much more.


Will Use

Interactive video campaigns this year


More Page Views

Interactive generates more PV than static content


More Conversions

iVideo generates 2X more than passive content


Competitive Differentiator

Marketers say interactive video stands out.

Make it Click

Take your videos and make them interactive or start creating for interactive.

Personalized Video

Create personalized campaigns with variable data, offers, logos, more.

Retail Engagement

Make your retail, e-commerce or service business more engaging with interactive video.

Interact With Your Users On Platform That Perform (ROI)

Email Landing pages

Website Header or body

Blog Engage more

Touch Display Any clickable device


Interactive Video That Does More

If you can dream it, build it and shoot it, we can make it interactive, engaging and trackable.