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Interactive Video – Go Beyond the Click

“Interactive Video” can mean any number of things. To us, interactive video is the ability to engage with any video in a way that allows you to experience what you want to see, how you want to see it and extend that viewing experience beyond the play button into your everyday life. With RooClick you can do that in a number of ways, beyond the most obvious and powerful click.

  • E-commerce – static photos and product imagery may not tell your whole story or convey the quality, beauty or complexity of your product. Video may be the most effective way to sell your product or service, and by making it interactive, you can engage at the exact point your viewers interest becomes active. Take your e-commerce to interactive commerce with interactive video.

  • Homepage replacement – why force a scroll when video saves time, space and tells a more compelling and emotional story to drive engagement or sales. Use time-jumps & links to click on your video or let people jump to a product, service or scheduling. Get visitors what they want faster and in a more compelling interface.

  • Video made for interaction – some videos are just made for interaction, the on-screen animation, call-to-action or product are perfect for generating leads, sales, website or social engagement. If your video uses a call-to-action, product or stats call-out or has animation that could convert, consider interactive video.

    click on features, menus or highlights in the video

  • Storytelling – use time-jumps & links to click within your video and let people jump to the section of video (or product, service or scheduling) that tells a part of the story they are most interested in.

  • Support information – often times you can shoot the most spectacular video and even after the edits ask yourself, why didn’t I add this or say this. Leverage captioning or overlay shapes to help continue that story and caption or show what you may have missed.

  • Social meda – why not allow your viewers to engage directly with your social profiles while watching or at the end of your video…or integrate it right into the segments where you talk about social. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your fanbase or follower count.

  • In-video contact – invite people to follow or contact you within the video but also give them the option to click-to-email, click-to-call (on mobile), or click-to-map your information.

  • Go lazy & go big – you would be surprised how many people click on video even without any interactive features. Why not drive traffic to your site, product or further information by simply making your video or certain times within your video fully clickable (edge-to-edge).

  • Go enterprise on your video – with our enterprise solutions you can integrate variable data into each video, personalizing messages, offers, and even videos. You can also integrate interactive into live video or reduce the costs of your kiosks by using interactive video, in place of custom applications or solutions.
  • Watch a variable data example; now you can personalize video email campaigns, including logos, copy, offers, overlay images and more.

    Interactive Video with Variable Data Example

    See the next name in a list
  • Stupid fun – Have fun with whatever you do. Add links to your bloopers, profiles of the people on camera or just create fun videos or games using interactive.