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June 2018

Creating a good video that conveys the right message, has your branding and will interest viewers is difficult. Hiring an agency or video firm to create such a video can be expensive and time-consuming. If you have the resources, we

One of the struggles with publishing live video on YouTube, Vimeo or any other live video streaming platform, that also stores the video for future viewing. RooClick give you the ability to take your old Live videos and make them interactive. Now your training video, presentation or other video can come to life again by enabling clickable actions within the video.

  • Link your lower thirds to LinkedIn profiles or more info
  • Slides can now be clickable for more information or link to updated info
  • Every web or reference in your video can be shown and linked to on-screen
  • Make your summary a clickable menu. Allow people to go directly to what they want to see.
  • Add e-commerce, social media, blog or other website links to drive viewers into leads
  • Integrate a "subscribe" option right into the video, they don't even have to pause or stop.
  • Make everyone in your video a hyperlink that people can click on to view their LinkedIn profile or website
Take a look at some live videos we put together and imagine how you can reinvigorate your previous live videos. 1804 Broadast Watch our friends Brit and Minda talk about 1804's upcoming events for entrepreneurs. Who is 1804? 1804 is a bi-state entrepreneur center supporting early-stage startups throughout Louisville, Kentucky and southern Indiana. They work with founders to start, plan, and grow tech-enabled companies that thrive. <!-- --> Attention Educators! Take a tour with us around all of our great Education site features. Share your lessons with your Students using Google Classroom, embed quiz questions into your videos, let us grade your quizzes and more. All for free! Using Hard Pause in your Video Putting a hard pause into your video is simple, quick and effective. Watch a quick how to lesson to learn how. Using Text in your video Are you wanting to put a text overlay onto your video? Watch this quick video and see just how easy it really is. Using a Time Jump Learn how to put a Time Jump into your video. It's easy! Watch this quick video to learn how to. Training Document Are you stuck and need a little bit of help? Check out this short video. How to Upload a Video Ready to start "Clicking up" Your very first video? We make it easy! Check out this quick video before you get started. [caption id="attachment_93" align="alignnone" width="300"] Why you should incorporate videos into your classroom curriculum According to National Teaching Training Institute, it is reported that educators who use videos for educational purposes, their students retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning. With video as one component in a thoughtful lesson plan, students often make new connections between curriculum topics, and discover links between these topics and the world outside the classroom. Video is no longer just for time fillers in the classroom. Video opens a world of exploration and learning to students. Videos allow you take students on impossible field trips; to perform science experiments that can’t be done in the classroom or lab; to demonstrate significant parts from history; and to discover complex thoughts and theories.